Well June has come to a close already!!!!  It was a month of getting ready for Corley,
the 3RD Annual Chronic Pre Corley Party on June 14 at the 7 Mile Inn.  We would
like to thank ALL the AWESOME bands that came out to join us in our effort to
CAT you guys all rocked and we appreciate it!!!  Also thank you to Joe and the 7
Mile Inn staff for working with us tirelessly as we planned this party and working
their asses off the day of to be sure everything went so smooth!!  To the Corleys
thank you once again for the donations and letting us use the Corley logos on the T
shirts once again!!  To all our sponsors that donated you all ROCK!!!!!To EVERY
SINGLE PERSON that came out to support us and rock out with all the bands,
spent your hard earned money even in these hard times, EVERY penny helped us
reach our goal of $2000.00!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

The following weekend brought the 20th Annual Sandy Corley Run!!  Chronic has
been honored to be a part of this Run for the past 4 years.  It truly has been an honor
to help raise funds and be able to donate money each year knowing it is going to the
research of cancer.    Although the rain cut us short on Friday night and we had a few
sound issues we still had partiers jammin with us until we had to stop!  Saturday we
took the side stage once again and had a great time opening for Roy David Scott and
Get the Cat Band.  When we hit the stage once again at 10:15 PM on Saturday the
crowd was roaring and it was a great feeling to be up there!! We ended our Corley
weekend Saturday night with a packed audience rockin and screamin, that shit lives in
your heart and soul forever!!!  Again a huge shout out THANK YOU, it was a great
June 2008!!!!!!

Check out some photos from the Chronic benefit as well as the Corley Run below!!
Below are some pics from The Corley Run