Well the Annual Hospice Benefit has come and gone once again!  
First things first...in the four years Chronic has played this event it
was the first time the cops WERENT called!  Maybe we didnt play
loud enough....LOL
Although the weather certainly did not want to work with us it was
still a great time, was just a little wet.......OK a lot wet!!!!  
The brown family did and AWESOME job again this year, serving
up a great dead pig, garlic toast and corn on the cob!  The Tiki Bar
was serving great jello shots and more!
Game On Band started us out rocking with their great tunes!!  Was
awesome to have them there again this year!!
Chronic took the "stage" later in the evening and rocked the
garage! Even in the rain people were partyin and having a great
Thank you to all who made it out this year in support of this great
Thank you again to the Brown family for letting us be a part of their
The Brown Family
August 18th 2007
From food server to
bartender.....now THATS
Just how many guys does
it take to put corn on the
grill?????  Great team
work!!! ----------->
Chronic rockin
the garage
Staying dry ..............or trying to!!
And the night goes on....so
does the rain!!!
Now THIS is
TRUE air guitar!!  
He is ROCKING!!!!  
So they all work at the
SAME place....obviously
they will let just ANYONE
work there!!!!!
Party on!!!!
Work it......work it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get your tickets here!!!!!!!!