Local Pub December 15th and 16th 2006
It was GREAT to be back at Local Pub in Whitehall this
weekend!  After a long break Chronic was excited to be back
on stage and playing to an AWESOME party crowd~

This was our last gig at Local Pub for 2006 so thank you to all
that made it out!!  Friday night was a good way to start the
bar was busy and many people danced and had a great time!!  
Saturday night was another good night with a few birthdays
and some new faces!!

The cooks as always made us great food and the wait staff
was spectacular!!  We have a had such a good year playing here
at Local Pub and are really looking forward to 2007!!  Keep an
eye out we have some great dates coming up there!!  Sure to
be good party dates!!

Happy Holidays to all at Local Pub!!
We will be back partying in 2007!!!