2007 is finally here!!

Chronic was excited to be welcomed back to Johnnys Big
Room to celebrate the New Year!!  We had a GREAT
time with the crowd on Sunday night!!  

Johnny as always was awesome as DJ between sets and
kept the dance floor rocking!!  We got to try out some
new songs for us as well as keeping some of our

The wait staff, bartenders and all the Johnnys
employees were AWESOME to work with on this busy
night!!  You guys ROCK!!

We would like to thank those who made it out to rock the
night away with us, for donating money and buying
beads to help us raise money for the Corley Run!!  Every
penny helps and we really appreciate it!!!

Over all Chronic had a RIOT and we hope everyone
enjoyed New Years as much as we did!!

Check out some of the pics below!!
Special thanks to Kathy the "short bus"
driverfor making sure we made it back to
the hotel safe!!
"Short Bus" passengers!!We all
ride the Short Bus but we are
staying at a Holiday Inn
VERY  VERY special Chronic
moments caught on film!!!

Spank it! Spank it!! Spank it!!!
Jim singing his song My
Little Girl
Right Hand Spank
Left Hand Spank
Dave you rock!!!
Johnny himself!!  
Thanks again for
Packed dance floor! Always AWESOME
Almond Joy has nuts Mounds
dont.........Sometimes you feel like a nut
sometime you dont!! >>>>>>>>>>