January 25th and 26th
Mardi Gras Weekend State Street Pub

What an great weekend at the Pub!  With Winterfest going on in Newaygo this
past weekend it made it an even better time.  Lots of friends and fans made there
way out on Friday night even with the forecast not being much help later in the
night.  With a few sound issues we still made it and had a good time.  

Saturday had a bit of a rough start Andy, Kris and Jim made the first set work
and by the time the 2nd set started we were in full force with all the band there!!  
We rocked the Pub with a full house and ended up having a rockin Mardi Gras
Saturday!!!  Many beads were earned, many drinks were served and a great time
was had!!!!  Thanks to Abby, Steve and Missy for serving us all weekend and
making sure that everyone always had a drink in hand!!  You guys ROCK!!!!!

Check out the photos below from Saturday night