BOOS BUS and Halloween Party
Wagon Wheel October 26th
The BOOS BUS and Party at the Wagon Wheel on
October 26th was a great party.

Although there were a few problems.......but isnt
there always a few??? Just adds to the fun!!

There were some AWESOME costumes and with
the Wagon Wheel being all decked out for the
Rocky Horror Show it made for a spectacular

Thank you Double JJ for supplying the location
for this event.
VERY SPECIAL thanks to Andy O' and
Total Rock
101.7 for the EXTRAORDINARY job promoting
CHRONIC for this event it is greatly appreciated!!

Below are some pics from this great Halloween
party!! Thanks to all that came out even on a week
night to have some fun and party with CHRONIC!!!
Have to give a HUGE shout out to
Clyde for coming out to do sound
for us on this gig!! Can I get a
Check out